TRANSFER yoUR Ticket to our Next Event



You can ONLY transfer a ticket ONCE.  The original ticket # can not be transferred multiple times.

IF YOU DO NOT wish to attend our February 2022 event and you have NOT PREVIOUSLY TRANSFERRED  your existing ticket.  You may TRANSFER your ticket to our next event August 4th -8th, 2022, you MUST purchase a transfer ticket in order for your transfer to be processed and confirmed. Any tickets that are not transferred will not be valid. 

All transfers from  Feb 2022 MUST BE COMPLETED by January 17th 2021.

If you do not transfer by January 17th (new deadline) your original ticket will be null and void and  it will not be valid to use to enter another event or transfer to another event.​

Beginner Bootcamp & Instructors Training Course

The Beginner Bachata Bootcamp & The Instructor training course  WILL be happening at  this February LA Bachata Festival but times may be adjusted due to Covid restrictions and staffing.