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February 16th-20th, 2023 LOS ANGELES, CA

The LA Bachata Festival (LABF) is the Original Bachata Festival of Los Angeles.  Being the original, it has grown into a bi-annual event with over 3,000 dance enthusiasts from all over the world,  gathering every February and August, for an unforgettable lifetime experience.  The Festival provides  a welcoming environment of freedom, expression and fulfillment through dance.  The Los Angeles Bachata Festival is the place to meet new friends, network with like-minded individuals, and celebrate the joy of  life and dance. - "It Will Change Your Life"

Since 2009 LABF attendees have enjoyed the unique experiences and vast variety of workshops and events that the festival has grown to offer. Like The Beginner Bachata Festival, Bachata Concerts, jaw dropping performances and LA's BEST DJ's playing Salsa, Kizomba, Zouk, Traditional Bachata and Sensual Bachata in five ballrooms, until 5am.  It's non-stop dancing with LA's dancers', dancing until 7am at the Sunrise Silent party.
​The LA Bachata Festival takes pride in offering more than just Bachata, offering dancer's a variety of workshops in Hip Hop, Mambo and Heels, to the Famous, Lap Dance Workshop and Master Bachata Classes, with International Instructors. It also offers many unique workshops such as yoga with Sound Baths, Massage, and the Instructor Training  & Business of Dance Course, taught by the LA Bachata Festival organizer, Leslie Ferreira.




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