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Leslie Ferreira Powering LA's Bachata Scene

Welcome to the world of Leslie Ferreira, where passion, creativity, and rhythm converge. As the driving force behind 3rd Street Dance and the Los Angeles Bachata Festival, Leslie embodies the spirit of dance in its purest form.

Leslie Ferriera


Leslie Ferreira is more than a dance instructor—she's a trailblazer in the world of Bachata. With over two decades of experience in dance, Leslie's journey began when she established 3rd Street Dance, a renowned studio in the heart of Los Angeles. Fuelled by her unwavering love for Bachata, Leslie founded the Los Angeles Bachata Festival, an event that has become synonymous with excitement, energy, and community.

Achievements and Contributions

Under Leslie's leadership, the LA Bachata Festival has evolved into a global phenomenon, attracting dancers and enthusiasts from around the world. Together with Jorge Contreras, Leslie has curated unforgettable concerts featuring top-tier artists like Prince Royce, Toby Love, and Bachata Heightz, elevating the city's musical landscape and cementing its place as a hub for Bachata culture

Group Image LA Bachata


Leslie's mission extends far beyond the dance floor. At the core of her work lies a commitment to empowerment, diversity, and self-expression. Through her classes, workshops, and events, Leslie strives to instill confidence and nurture a deep-seated love for rhythm in all who cross her path. Her vision is not just about teaching steps; it's about unlocking the transformative power of dance in every individual.

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