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Uniting BAchata Dance Enthusiasts from around the World!

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Learn to Dance BachAta At The L.A. Bachata Festival

  Experience the Original L.A. Bachata Festival (LABF) - L.A.'s Premier Bachata festival!– Get Ready to Dance at LABF, every February and August and be ready for a life changing event! Since 2009 LABF attendees have enjoyed the unique experiences and vast variety of events and workshops that the festival has grown to offer.  Join us for The Beginner Bachata Festival, Bachata Concerts ,Pool parties,  jaw dropping performances and L.A.'s BEST DJ's spinning Salsa, Kizomba, Zouk, and more in 5 ballrooms. It's non-stop dancing with LA's dancers', dancing until 7am at the Sunrise Silent party.

It's the L.A. Bachata Festival, 'It Will Change Your Life!'"

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